140 Characters is not enough for a White Elephant Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, October 2, 2009

Twitter cannot mimic a real party. It is fine for micro blogging updates in short bursts, but it would never work for replacing a traditional party.

AlbinoPhant, the white elephant party is built to be a party platform. And party banter demands more space for the story to develop. Party conversation needs to paint mental images into a story and to weave in a wit that could not be achieved with a restrictive character count.

Engaging Conversations

Engaging Conversations

Witty conversation and impromptu storytelling are the hallmarks of great party engagement.   By mimicking party banter, AlbinoPhant gives attendees the chance to elaborate and share with a much richer collection of communication tools.

The comment stream in this online white elephant or yankee swap gift exchange allows the conversation to build between party goers  in any direction that they choose. And a rich conversation is something that can only be experienced as it develops over time and from the personalities of the invited players.

What is interesting is that in many cases the written banter is better than traditional party conversation.  The written text in the online party allows the respondents to easily make a point or counter point to the written word in the comment stream. The restrictions of memory are removed, allowing keywords and phrases from one comment to be reviewed prior to drafting, revising and finally publishing a response into the stream.

The written banter builds the fun into the party and each conversation can grow to new heights. and into many directions.

The comment stream includes all the conversation enhancements that we have come to expect from a social internet application. Party participants can paint a mental image by attaching an actual image from Flickr or by using a Youtube video to make a point. It is remarkable how much fun can develop when the written words are enhanced with supportive images or funny videos.

These creative actions spawn more creative input from others, and before long the comment stream is an explosion of words and visual impressions.

The online white elephant party is all about gift sharing, so the gifts are also made a part of the conversation. Players are served up opportunities to make comments about the opened gifts and then banter and argue the reasons that gifts are being stolen during the exchange process.

Sharing the fun and a part of the conversation with others is built into the party system.  There are opportunities to push some of the conversations out of the AlbinoPhant application and onto the pages of Facebook and Twitter. This action gives friends and family who are not attending the party a small taste of what the players are experiencing.

Parties are the most social and engaging activities that we can experience, so limiting them to just 140 characters will not work very well.  The online party format moves the social experience to the next level.


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