Our family graduation year!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Christensen family has many reasons to celebrate this spring. There are 4 college graduations in our group and we could not be more proud of these accomplishments!

Our oldest daughter Jade, receives a degree in Visual Arts here in Oregon. Our son-in-law Jared, (married to our youngest, Halley) graduates from Law School in New Hampshire.

We just returned from the graduation of Barett with a Masters in Public Administration in Utah.

But today I am the most enthusiastic about a degree awarded in Recreation Management to Sarah Christensen. She returned to college after 35-years to finish the education that she put on hold for marriage and five children.Tanner building

Three years ago Barett challenged his mother to finish her degree so that she could walk across the stage with him this spring. Sarah took the challenge and then joined with her oldest son at the ceremonies in the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah.

We all listened as John Willard “Bill” Marriott, Jr gave the graduates advice at the commencement. When Mr. Marriot’s speech concluded, the Dean of the school stood and announced that Mr. Marriott and all of the graduating class of the Marriott School of Business would be signing a large section of the hardwood floor from the Marriott Center’s basketball court. (They had cut out a big section and it will hang on a wall in the Tanner Building) marriot

It has been a wild couple of years with the schooling and the work on this party network, but we are excited for the future and proud of all the graduates, both in our family and yours.

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  • Sarah Christensen
    May 13th, 2010 3:04 pm

    Sweet!!! Thanks, honey, for the acknowledgements and the love and support it took for all of to accomplish our goals. Thanks for being my husband and best friend….I love you…me

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