14 Facebook Party Ideas? Without a Real Party!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maren opening gift
I appreciate the work of AllFacebook. Nick and his team have been a great help to our understanding of the Facebook network and graciously mentioned AlbinoPhant during our soft launch at Christmas time.

This past week the site has been listing some Birthday Party ideas for Facebook users. While there have been some great suggestions, we would like to suggest a real party….

With REAL Gifts! All for the Birthday Girl

Now, in the author’s defense, we realize that we have not adequately communicated that AlbinoPhant is more than just a Christmas gift party.

So to Clear up the Confusion:
The AlbinoPhant birthday gift exchange is a great online party for family and friends who want to support the Birthday Girl with REAL gifts and have a fun in the process.

Yes, all of the gifts are purchased from a huge selection provided by Amazon, and shipped by UPS…

Here is how it is done….

First: Host a party and invite your friends and family to participate near the Birthday Girl’s big day.

Second: In all of the party invitations that come from Facebook and from your email invitations, let everyone know that this is a Birthday Party for the Birthday Girl

Third: Send along the Birthday Girl’s address and tell them to put her address into the shipping details while they are purchasing the gifts.

Then: When the game is played and the party is over, the AlbinoPhant gift redemption department will order the gifts delivered to the Birthday Girl’s address.

Simple as that!

Birthday girl


The AlbinoPhant Creators
Your Party 2.0 Specialists

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