Christmas Elf ideas or some Santa’s Elf fun

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Find your inner Santa’s Elf this season…

Santa's Elf at the white elephant gift party
The holidays are a time for creative fun and great gift giving.  Becoming a Christmas Elf or turning yourself into Santa’s Elf may be the best thing that you do for yourself this season.

Group gift shopping and online gift exchanges are the focus of this site.

Even so, we want to share some creative ways to become a Christmas elf or even one of Santa’s favorite elves this holiday season.

First let’s discuss the history of Elves and the Santa’s Elf phenomenon:

A Christmas elf is a small and diminutive creature (elf) that legend says lives with Santa Claus in the North Pole. These are Santa’s Elves and act as his helpers while preparing for the gift giving season. Christmas elves are often depicted as green or red clad with pointy ears, long noses, and pointy hats. Santa’s elves spend their days making toys in Santa’s workshop and taking care of his reindeer. Elves may have been introduced in a pagan story from northern Europe, but today the Christmas Elf has become a fun part of the American Christmas tradition. The Elf represents fun, fancy and acts of goodwill toward others.

How to be a part of Elf history and fun…

Much of the magic of Christmas revolves around children and those who are young at heart. So begin your quest for your inner elf by bringing some elf magic into your home. Purchase a magic elf and share a new holiday gift giving tradition called The Magic Elf, as you anticipate the gift giving and party season.

From the Elf Magic website: Santa allows his Elves to visit so they can encourage an upbeat Christmas, animated through nightly adventures and daily play, to help children create memories, have “good old-fashioned” fun, and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values. A visit from one of Santa’s Elf Magic Elves will bring the wonder, magic, and meaning back into Christmas! The Elf Magic site helps users to create something that they call an Elfcapades™ that helps you build a family tradition around Santa’s magic elves. So start your elf adventure with some magic.

Try a Christmas Elf costume

Buddy Elf Adult Costume
Once you have some Elf magic working in your holiday, you can then begin to dress the part. You can purchase a “Buddy the Elf” costume for the office party or just dress up as Buddy and surprise everyone on Christmas morning. Take a look at the fine elf costume at the link above and then dress to impress. You could even find elf costumes for every member of the family and show the neighborhood your support for your new-found magic.

Santa’s Elf needs a proper name

Now that you have elf magic and can pass as a respectable Christmas Elf, it is time to get your own Elf name. In fact everyone in the family or at the office can get a unique elf name at the Jokes Unlimited website.
You will find boxes where you can add your first and last name to learn your real Elf name. Try using your new Elf name when you answer the phone, or wear a name tag around the town… That should be interesting.

Elf Yourself

The wildly popular eCard and fun-generator site allows you to put your friends and family’s faces on some dancing elves and then send it around on the internet. The Jib Jab service has many fun sharing tools to make any holiday a bit brighter for everyone. So take some time to Elf yourself and send it off to your contacts.

The Christmas Elf needs official documents

You are now dressed, magical and well publicized on the web,  so it is now time to get some Christmas Elf cards and maybe even a passport. There is a website that provides official looking Santa’s Elf documentation. For some of your elf-work you might need a letter of recommendation from Santa himself, to prove once and for all that you are indeed a real Christmas Elf.

Elves need to feel at home

Every respectable Christmas Elf wants to have something to do in their downtime, so what would be better than to make some elf crafts to decorate the living quarters.  And then there is the Christmas tree… Put some ornaments on the tree to demonstrate your solidarity with the “elf-life”. There are many different suppliers of Christmas Elf decorations, so we will give you just one example:
Pack of 4 Christmas Whimsy Fanciful Elf Ornaments with Jingle Bell Hats 13.5″

Elf’s best friend

Santa may consider his elves to be loyal, but any respectable Christmas Elf with a dog needs to show the pooch some love. Try getting an Elf costume for your dog and be the envy of the neighborhood when it is time to take rover out to do “his business”.Santa's elf dog
Elf Dog Costume


Santa’s Elf wants to relax

Every energetic elf needs a little R&R. The holidays are the perfect time to sit down next to a warm fire and to watch a good movie. You can probably guess our suggestion: Elf, a Warner Bros. classic, with the star of the show, Buddy the Elf.
Elf : Ultimate Collector’s Edition (DVD)

You could take it even one step further and get the Elf soundtrack and let the music inspire your elf holiday spirit. Play the sound track at your group Christmas party or while the presents are being opened around the tree.
Elf: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD)

Become a Christmas Community Elf

Now that you have worked hard to bring out your real Elf-self,  it is time to get out and help others with all of your good cheer. You could organize a community wide Operation Elf event to assist the needy in your area. You might volunteer to assist a local civic group to sponsor an Elf Pageant and invite children to come dressed as little elves.
Or get involved with Be an Elf and become a very charitable elf this year by sharing gifts with the local disadvantaged children.

This holiday season you should attempt the full Santa’s Elf experience and make this time of year magical for yourself and those around you. Let us know how it goes and we will share your creative ideas with others. Let’s get the party started!


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