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Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, August 13, 2009

PartyWeDo LogoWe are collecting a list of great Ice Breaker activities that you can use for your next party.

This is just a start, so please add your ideas to the list and we will eventually have a big library of ideas to make parties more fun for all of us!

Party Starters and Attention-Getters

1. A numbered slip, a card, a pencil and a large paper bag are given to each person as they enter. They pin the slip on their chest, then tears eye-holes in the bag, clips it over their head and goes forth to recognize as many of their friends as possible, writing their names and numbers on their card. Of course each person, while trying to discover the identity of others, endeavors to keep himself a mysterious stranger.
2. Give each guest a blank bingo-type card. Ask the guest to obtain as many separate signatures as they can in their squares. The same person should not sign his name twice on the same paper. After each guest has his paper signed, he must go back to each person who has signed and have them cross off their name. The first player to have all their names correctly crossed off gets the prize.
3. Repeat a poem leaving every other word out.
4. Say “Pattie’s pastry pantry” ten times.
5. Talk for one minute without stopping.
6. Dance with a broom partner.
7. Stand in opposite corners of the room and, while blindfolded, walk toward each other and shake hands.
8. Act out the story of “Jack Be Numble”.
9. Blindfold each player as they arrive. Ask each guest to move around the room, shaking hands with everyone he can find, engaging each person in conversation, telling each what he thinks of him or her.
10. Props: One dozen shoe boxes, a couple with lots of push.
M.C.: Here’s a couple that has always said they’d never let anything come between them. We’ll see about tha! I’ll start by putting this shoe box between you. The cover against your tummy, the bottom against him. Now you both press on it. Here on the table are 11 more bozes and your job is to see how many boxes you can balance between you. You can use your hands and you have 1 minute.
11. Three people sing differnet songs at the same time.
12. The group is given a slip of paper with the name of a Mother goose ryyme on it. Members are given one minute to talk together and figure out a way to act it out.
13. Give a speech while the group heckles-don’t smile.
14. Read jokes.
15. Put your coat on backwards without using your hands.
16. Say 5 complimentary things about yourself.
17. Relate your most embarrassing moment.
18. Relate your best scar story.
19. Say “rubber baby buggy bumpers” 10 times!
20. Whistle your favorite song with a month full of soda crackers.
21. Laugh and cry at the same time
22. See how many marshmellows you can fit into your month at once.
23. Sing any song while holding your nose.
24. Try to sell a white elephant.
25. Make at least 3 people laugh.
26. Yawn until you make someone else yawn.
27. Two people pretend to have a tug-of-war.
28. As each person enters the room, randomly give them a name tag with someone elses name on it. Then ask them to circulate around the room and find your own name tag and make the switch. Continue until at least half the group has the correct tag.
29. As individuals enter the room, they are handed a single playing card drawn randomly from 3-4 decks. Their task is to assemble 3-4 other people to combine their cards for the best poker hand. The winning team is awarded a prize.
30. You have 30 seconds to tell as many facts about yourself as possible.
31. Everyone is asked their middle name and how or why they were named that.
32. Give everyone a scrap of paper. They are to crumble the paper into a ball and have a “snowball” fight with the group.
33. Go on a tresure hunt to find people that have, the same birthday as you, the same hobbies as you similar likes and dislikes……etc…
34. Divide into your birth order and discuss the pros/cons of your position in the family.
35. Direct traffic.
36. Compliment another person for 1 minute
37. Jump rope and sing a song.
38. Say “mixed biscuits” rapidly 10 times.
39. Stand up and recite a 30-second apology for making an error.
40. Discuss in detail the taste of salt.
41. Describe what you think the world will be like in 20 years.
42. Select an office to run for and give a campaign speech.
43. Read this story out loud: Mama shunk worrie because she could never keep track of her children. They were named In and Out, an whenever In was in, Out was out; and if Out was in, In was out. One day she called Out in to her and told him to go out and bring In in. So Out went out and in no time at all he brought In in. “Wonderful!” said mama skunk. “How in all that great forest could you find him in so short a time?” “It was easy,” said Out, “Instinct.”
44. Argue with a metermaid about the parking ticket she just gave you.
45. Grasp your tongue with your forefinger and thumb and recite a poem.
46. Do an Indian raindance and chant.
47. Sell a pair o snowboots to an Hawaiian surfer.
48. Tell wht it is you like about your partner.
49. Stand in the center of the room and blow bubble gum bubbles.
50. Tell evryone they have to walk backwards.


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