Thank you America! Let’s shoot off a water bottle rocket!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, July 2, 2010
Proud as an Eagle and as honorable as a flag

Proud as an Eagle and as honorable as a flag

We are preparing for our annual Cul-de-sac waffle brunch tomorrow. All of the neighbors join together for a side-dish potluck and Sarah prepares waffles for the group. There will be 9 families represented at the tables that we set-up as we take over the roadway.

There will be great conversation and tasty food shared between friends for an hour or so, and then we will play some games together. Sarah is a recreationalist, so games are big around our neighborhood!
This year we will be shooting-off bottle rockets as a part of the kid competition. These rockets will be decorated by youngsters in the neighborhood and after we put some water in the bottle, we will launch it into space!
This event required that we have a rocket launching pad. So last night I gathered up a bunch of 1/2″ pipe and fittings to put a launch system together for the competition. bottle rocket launcher
Sarah was tossing out an old adjustable table, so it has become “launch-central” for our water rocket extravaganza!
We are so thankful to live in a free country where friends can gather and enjoy great company. Where fireworks and bottle rockets can be loud and obnoxious, at least for one day…
This is a great land where ingenuity can join with creativity and put man on the moon or a Root Beer bottle high into the air.
Thank you America; for the free-enterprise system that has blessed my family in so many ways.
We hope that you all have a great 4th of July holiday, and remember that freedom has been purchased at a very high price. Be proud as an eagle and honorable as our flag.

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