The Elf Score and the Banter Algorithm

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Elfster has the Elf Score but AlbinoPhant uses the Banterithm

Elfster has been helping thousands of people organize their Secret Santa activities over the years. They join many other mystery gift shopping tools that have been developed  both on and off the web.

Here are some links to similar secret Santa organizer programs:>measuring white elephant gift exchange conversaton

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Elfster has developed a site that allows secret Santa gift sharing activities to have a social component, like a social network does. Both  Elfster and AlbinoPhant bring opportunities for conversation into the game similar to the way Facebook encourages posting on their platform. Once a group has joined a party, they have the opportunity to share in the banter with the other participants.

This gift giving + fun conversation equals exactly what happens in an online party application like AlbinoPhant. What is different is that Elfster uses the secret Santa activity and AlbinoPhant use the white elephant gift exchange format.  Both Elfster and AlbinoPhant allow the conversation to blossom organically, and both have developed a way to measure the activity of each participant.

Elfster calls this measurement the “Elf Score” and AlbinoPhant has the Banterithm.

It might be interesting to describe what a real algorithm does:
From Wikipedia: “…an algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating a function”. OR… You take a list of various things that you want measure and then give a value to each of them. Then you calculate to sum of the various measurements and you get a score or number.

The Elfster algorithm goes something like this:  Social Gifting = One Part Wishing + One Part Shopping + One Part Social Networking + One Part Gaming = Tons of Fun (not to scientific, but it supposed to be “tongue-in-cheek”)

For more detail their website suggests that… “The Elf Score measures how active an elf has been. You earn points by being a good elf – participating in an exchange, asking and answering questions and more. A good Elf Score affords you bragging rights and advances you in your quest to find your inner elf”.

Like the Elf Score, the AlbinoPhant Banterithm calculates the quantity of comments shared on the party page during the gift exchange. But the Banterithm measures so much more… In this expanded online white elephant party we measure the number of images shared on the page, plus the quantity of YouTube videos shared, plus the amount of banter created from all of the sharing, to find the Master of ES (it is an elephant game, right?) award recipient. (See the last slide in the presentation below to find what the ES represents)

Needless to say nether Elfster nor AlbinoPhant take algorithmic science to any new heights, because it is really all about the fun in the gift giving process. A high Elf score or the Master of ES award are just tools used to add to the fun of the holidays for groups of family, friends or office workers.

You can see how the Banterithm measures and awards the Master of ES in this short slide presentation. Then you will know how to rank high in the Banterithm and become a super Elf in AlbinoPhant.

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