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Gift sharing for all ages

The white elephant gift exchange is a social adventure for gift givers of all ages. Even though many of these gift swapping parties are enjoyed with adults, kids have just as much fun sharing white elephant gifts as Mom and Dad do.

White elephant gift party pirateFor kids, adding a theme makes the party even more exciting and allows them to expand their creativity. The party theme provides a framework upon which to build lasting memories and makes them want to stay engaged in the fun. Even gift purchasing is more engaging and creative when they have a theme to guide them.

We found some advice and ideas on party themes from Gemma Dawson, an event specialist in the UK.  We share her ideas in the hope that it will help you in creating a white elephant style gift game for your kids.

Party Theme and Planning Advice

Underwater party theme which would involve a blue colored theme with seaweed style decorations and treasure chests. Food ideas would include fish and chips in underwater decorated trays or plates. A popular theme for underwater parties is Octonauts which is hitting the market 2012.

A pirate themed party would be loved my most young boys and its easy to decorate using large cardboard boxes and painting them and making them into pirate ships, the kids can even help decorate. The ideal party game is a treasure hunt where the kids have clues or a treasure map and go and discover treasure planted all over the garden, house or venue. Pirate themed parties could be from Jake and the Neverland pirates, pirates of the Caribbean or just a general pirate themed party.

A princess party is the ideal party for a little girl and there are many ways to make this fun depending on the child’s age so if you have older kids you can turn it into a pamper party where the kids get pampered and then have a sleepover and dress up. If the kids are younger they can play games like dress up and decorating princess crowns and tiaras. Princess themes can include Barbie, Disney Princesses, Snow White, Hello Kitty or a general princess theme.

Army Themed party is a cool idea for the boys and encourages them to get muddy and messy – Depending on the space available you can create an assault course type party where the boys can dress up in army gear or you could have fun in the garden with games involving army style tasks.

Beach themed parties are an excellent idea for all and a net would be useful for a volleyball style game either girls vs boys or something else. For a beach feel you could decorate with sand or nautical features and have a sandcastle themed cake and party bags.

How To Get Organized

Around 6 weeks or a month before the party help your child select a theme, decide on a guest list, select a date and time, order all your party supplies and book a venue and entertainer if required.

Around 3 weeks before the party you should hand out your invitations, keep a list of RSVPS, decide on games and activities for the party, select a choice of menu and order or plan a birthday cake.

Around a week before the party make a schedule for when the activities and games will be done, what time the entertainer is booked and what time you will serve food. Parents also need to remember to buy any food and drink, order helium tanks for the balloons and make sure you have bought party bag fillers for the party bags.

The day before the party should be a day when fresh food is bought, camera batteries are charged up, the cake is collected and the party bags are packed up.

On the day just remember to stay calm, decorate the table and party area, add the candles to the cake, inflate the balloons and make sure all activities and prizes are organized. Ensure all activities are ready to go and prizes arranged and that food and drink is all cooked and ready to go.

Article written by Gemma Dawson, Owner of GD Party Supplies offering a huge choice in kids party supplies such as pingu party supplies .


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