Planning a White Elephant Party? Consider this…

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, April 5, 2012

Like a herd of white elephants at the gift exchange party

By Erin Nolan – Guest blogger

As the weather continues to warm, your mind may be dreaming of your next great white elephant gift exchange party. But to do it right it takes a good bit more than merely opening a bag of chips. Fun get-togethers seem effortless yet they are anything but. Before sending out the invites make sure you’ve got a handle on how to have a fun and safe shindig.


A truly evolved person most likely has friends from all walks of life, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all necessarily be appropriate together in one evening. Think of the tone of the party – looking for wild and fun?

If one of your best friends can’t let others get a word in edgewise then he might not be appropriate for a more subdued event. It’s good to have a variety of people but do try to consider personality types when drumming up the guest list.

Just be forewarned, when planning your guest list you almost always run the risk of offending someone by not inviting them. If you talk it through and their feathers are still ruffled you might want to plan a separate date with that friend, or a party with them particularly in mind. Though if you’re really close friends and feel you’ll run the risk of alienating them by the omission then you may want to just take the chance and invite them.


Similar to the guest list, food plays a big role in setting the tone of your party. For instance, finger food, light snacks and appetizers passed on trays will help keep guests on their feet and mingling. Whereas a sit-down, more formal meal will provide for more one-on-one conversations.

Also remember to clearly mark items being served and to check for any allergies your guests might have. In addition it’s also a great idea to have some vegetarian and also gluten-free items like fruits and vegetables, whenever possible.


Ideas for white elephant gift exchange partiesTunes are a great way to get the party jumping or keep it all subdued. It stands to reason that if the music’s loud and frenzied then conversation might not be possible but dancing will most likely be encouraged – just make sure you’ve got room for it.

What do you have in mind, a live band? A DJ? Or maybe you’d prefer to save money and hassle and just put your music player on shuffle? You can also create the perfect playlist for your party. Whatever you do, just remember that music will absolutely have an effect on the tone of your party. Also note that you want to choose an option that requires as little attention from you, the host, as possible.


This topic doesn’t sound fun, does it? But still, the best parties are ones where everyone has fun but also stays safe. Think ahead in order to avoid problems. Will children be present? If so do everything you can to childproof your home, especially around the pool and barbecue area. Also be sure to make sure you aren’t providing rickety chairs for your guests and that all cords and cables are safely taped down or run under rugs.

In regards to drinking it’s important to make sure that underage guests don’t get a hold of the liquor, and also make sure your inebriated guests have a safe way home or are set to stay overnight.

White elephant gift parties are great fun, or they can be – it just takes a little forethought and then you’re ready to go. So what are you waiting for? Spring is here, party up!


Written by Erin Nolan. Injured at a party? File a claim here:

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