Potty mouth – Party banter goes wild

Posted by PartyWeDo on Saturday, October 24, 2009
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Comment Generator

White elephant gift exchange parties are well known as banter generators.  You know the drill, right… Get friends together with some wacky white elephant gifts and contagious banter breaks out from all directions.

Last year our family online gift exchange included a gift that got the potty humor going right from the start.  And, it all started with an item  that would not normally be considered a great white elephant gift.

Someone opened a gift pack that included a tall blue container and a can of hot chocolate mix.  Someone asked the question; “does it have any hot chocolate left in the container??” That seemed to be a reasonable question.

Then out of nowhere, the comment box displayed a statement from our law student son-in-law: “I didn’t do anything. And maybe the container is filled with poop.” He was obviously answering some accusation from another player, but then added the poop comment.

That keyword – Poop – started a fire storm of creative comments and conversations concerning poop… Someone posted the video from the TV series Scrubs, with a song about poop…  There was an image posted of dog poop… Winnie the Pooh was mentioned… A discussion on dirty diapers came from the parents of toddlers, and there was some banter about out-houses…  The “poop” gift took on a life of its own, built great conversation and even garnered rather high rating points in the game.

What we find interesting is that just a simple keyword placed into the banter of this engaging party atmosphere moved a simple blue bottle into the world of potty humor.  No really dirty stuff was shared, just funny and clever banter filled the comment stream for the day.

Our son-in-law didn’t plan on his statement blowing up the conversation, it just happened. Granted, any statement containing the word “poop” is going to get some attention, and this time it generated 4 pages of comments, several images and a video or two into our online party.

AlbinoPhant Conversation Starters

AlbinoPhant Conversation Starters

We thought that it would be fun to take a little time and explored some of the AlbinoPhant markets to share a couple of items that could get the potty humor going in your next online white elephant party.

Do you have any other crappy suggestions?

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