Random Selection – White Elephant Name Draws

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, May 4, 2012

Selecting Players for White Elephant Gift Parties

white elephant gift exchange name drawing systemThrowing a bunch of paper-strips into a hat is so “old-school”…

White elephant gift exchanges are the most engaging party that you can host for your family and friends – so why be old-hat with your name drawing system?

We have nothing against Hats, but through the marvels of technology you could be using a virtual hat to pick the next player in your game. All you need is your computer, tablet or smartphone to really impress your guests with your hosting chops.

There are several online name drawing sites that will help in this process, but we think that you might find the new smartphone apps the most useful for this process.

Android Virtual Hat

We tested the Free Android app “Drawing from a Hat” on a Kindle Fire and found it to be very simple to set-up. Just add the names of those who are in the gift exchange and push a virtual button to select the next player. It also keeps a tally of every name that has already been selected.

The application allows you to create random selections by name or by number and set-up several different random drawings at the same time. Some gift exchange parties put a number on the white elephant gifts, and this app allows you to manage the drawing ether way you play.

One of the cool features is that it automatically displays all of your contacts that are stored in your devise. You don’t need to spend a bunch of time typing in the names, just select them and they are put into the the white elephant gift drawing.

Apple Virtual Name Draw

For Apple users the App Store has a version titled “Names in a Hat” for $.99 cents. I has many of the same simple features as the Android version so ether will save you time and effort.

So you can stay with slips of paper or use the high-tech wizardry of the day. Ether way your white elephant gift exchange will be the most memorable party of the year. Let us know how it goes…

You are going to Love this Party!

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