Retailers have reason to say Happy Father’s Day

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, June 14, 2010


The National Retail Federation surveys the purchasing intentions of US consumers during the major holiday periods. We have used their research to pinpoint the total gift sales in the US; which we feel totals about $115 Billion annually. Gift retailing is an important portion of our business model, so we are happy to find this important market research.Gifts for fathers as unique as white elephants

One of their measured holidays is Father’s Day, which they say will yield $9.8 Billion in sales for the nation’s retailers this year. The NRF survey found that the average father will receive $94.32 in attention this year. But not all of the spending will be on gifts; about 40% will be on food and entertainment. Still, gifts will get a majority of the retail spending this Father’s day period.

It is great to know that holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day get so much attention from our pocketbooks. It is a demonstration of the love and support that exists within families, even when social scientist are suggesting that we are become more disconnected. When we add the $14.6 Billion we spent on Mom this year to what we will spend on Dad, it shows the family love in a big way.

Some share in online gift party

Our family uses white elephant gifts and online party activities to make these holidays as supportive and caring as possible. We hope that all Dad’s will have a great day…

We know that the retailers will be happy!


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