Retailer’s thank Mom… But where is the Mom Party?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, May 7, 2010


mothersdayballoonWe have a Christmas party, a birthday party and even a Cinco de Mayo party. But do we have a Mom Party?

Yes we all get something for Mom for her special day, but do we throw a party, like we do for Halloween?

I don’t remember getting an invitation to “Party with Mom” from any of my siblings. I know that we get together for a family dinner and pass her the cards and gifts, but it never has lifted to the level of a real party…

Retailers love this day… This year, they will see over $14.5 Billion dollars spent for Mom.

Between wife, daughters, daughter-in-laws, sisters and of course, Mom, there are many who need recognition and probably should receive a party!

I need to get myself together and plan a real party…. But it is way to late for this year!

I guess the dinner, cards and gifts will have to do again this time.

What do you do for Mom? Any Parties?

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