Sarah and Bruce Christensen

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, September 29, 2009
We are happy to share

We are happy to share

In an effort to make this adventure we call AlbinoPhant more personal, we have been asked to share some background on our family.

This post will focus on Sarah and Bruce.  The next post will give some background on the children.

You will see that we are just ordinary people. We want to share this extraordinary party with you because it has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Here are few tidbits of information concerning Sarah and Bruce Christensen

* Bruce sold Amway to Sarah’s mother while he was in high school.
* Sarah asked Bruce to the Sadie Hawkins dance and she wasn’t impressed.
* Bruce was on the scene of Sarah’s first teenage car wreck and did some first-aid.
* Sarah wasn’t a fan of any of Bruce’s high school girl friends.
* Bruce wasn’t paying attention to any of Sarah’s boy friends.
* Bruce and Sarah lived in rival small communities before joining together at the high school.
* Sarah wrote Bruce every week while he was serving on a two-year mission.
* Bruce got a Dear-John letter from another girl and Sarah was happy.
* Sarah re-introduced herself at a church meeting.
* Bruce attempted a first kiss… hit the cars blinker and forgot to remove the seat belt.
* Sarah still continued to date him, even though he seemed like a klutz.
* Bruce asked Sarah for marriage on the Foresthill Bridge.
* Sarah’s parents were upset because she left college just shy of graduation.
* Bruce and Sarah married in November of 1975.
* Sarah made their first home in a 1963 single-wide trailer.
* Bruce worked.
* Sarah gave birth to their first child; born with cancer, requiring many surgeries.
* Bruce started businesses throughout the years.
* Sarah delivered four more children into the world.
* Bruce and Sarah have lived in California, Washington and Oregon.
* Sarah and Bruce watched their children leave the nest to live all around the country.
* Sarah went back to college and got her degree.
* Bruce and Sarah have seven grand children and counting.
* Bruce took a cement mixer to BlogWorld as a publicity stunt.
* Bruce and Sarah are launching a Facebook application that keeps families connected.

The story continues… And we are happy to be writing it together!


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