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How to Wash an Elephant

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Most Elephant wash themselves, but when it comes time to really clean your pachyderm you should take the following steps.


  1. Find a big bathtub, pond or river that is at least 36″ deep and remove all alligators.
  2. Scatter peanuts out floating in the center of the water to entice the Elephant into the middle of the pool.
  3. Use a large Loofah or natural sponge to apply scented body wash to the elephant’s surface areas. Be sure to scrub behind the ears.
  4. Take a 5-gallon bucket of clean water and rinse the elephant from the top down. Some elephants will assist in the rinsing by using their trunk as a water hose. This will save time in the rinsing process.
  5. Once completely rinsed, remove the elephant from the water and air dry. Attempt to keep the elephant from rolling in the dust, as this is a nasty habit that they have.


  • This can be a dangerous job, so you should really get to know the elephant before you begin the wash.
  • Elephants are afraid of mice, so keep rodents out of site.


  • Elephants are really big and heavy, so stay out from under them.

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