Save the White Elephant Joke

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White elephant gift exchange party jokes

Save the Elephant Joke

Save the Elephant Joke

We know that these were originally just elephant jokes, but we have added in the “White” elephant part because AlbinoPhant is a white elephant party site after all… Regardless, these jokes are good clean fun!

The White Elephant Joke must be saved. It is sad, that in these enlightened times we are neglecting these jokes and causing future generations to miss the joy and humor that these jokes bring. These jokes could be shared as a part of any white elephant gift exchange party.  The host should print off several and then stop the game occasionally to share a new “white” elephant joke…

This must be stopped! And it is up to you to Save the White Elephant Joke, for your children and grand children…

Every day millions of children wake to a life without Elephant Jokes to brighten their day.  We can not let another generation pass without repairing the damage this has caused.  These jokes are highly infectious and will spread joy rapidly, if we will but do our part to seed the pandemic Pachydermic. 

AlbinoPhant, the online white elephant gift party, is committed to leaving no White Elephant Gift Joke untold.  We boldly proclaim that;  the White Elephant Gift Joke must be saved and we are backing up these words by donating this space for this world cause.

We understand the enormity of the task to host a great white elephant gift exchange. But when we are asked – How did you create an exciting electronic White Elephant gift party?  We simple say; the same way that you eat and elephant… one digital byte at a time!

Now, it is up to you to share an White Elephant Joke with someone; today… We have converted some traditional elephant jokes into a white elephant jokes that you can use to make your next gift exchange more entertaining.  
If you don’t have a elephant joke to tell, you need to do a search our white elephant joke listing until you have one.   You can not, in good conscience sit by and not  Save the White Elephant Joke.

OK, We will get you started….

White elephant in the peanut butter - the answer for a fun gift exchange party


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