“…See Ya, virtual junk, Hello real white elephant gifts

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, July 14, 2010


When Facebook announced that they were closing down the virtual gift store I wasn’t surprised. I join with the Readwriteweb and boldly state: “good riddance to virtual junk”.

WHY…Real friends give real gifts.
virtual gift flower
I would never claim to know the business reasons for Facebook closing the virtual gift store, but they must have a good reason. From my perspective the virtual gift is such a shallow expression of friendship that I would be embarrassed to send my true friends chocolate they could never taste or a rose that they could never smell.

Even so, game developers are making bank on these virtual gifts, so there must be plenty of players who are willing to share these silly gifts online. It just seems like throwing good money after bad smoke and mirrors.

That being said, I am very happy to see the growth of gift giving in social networks; as it reinforces our business model of selling real white elephant gifts to social groups like families.

We continue to argue that real gift giving has a long history of success and is rooted in love and support, while virtual gift giving is a gimmick to make money for internet entrepreneurs.

Real gifts are sustainable…. Virtual gifts live in the world of the here and gone.

The idea of sharing real gifts in an online party is what has led us to create AlbinoPhant the online white elephant gift party.

What do you think?

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