Family of thieves – Holiday gift swaps connect families

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now that the holidays are upon us, we can begin to think of the perfect gift for our family gift exchange. You know the gift swap party; the one where you open gifts and steal the gifts from one another while having a great time together.

Some call them a White Elephant Gift Exchange, or a Yankee Swap, or a Dirty Santa. No matter what it is called in your family, you can now access and play a new online version of the party game called AlbinoPhant.

AlbinoPhant is just like the traditstealling a giftional gift swap party, only it can be played from any Internet connection. This means that family members or friends from all across the country can join the party with no travel involved. That will be helpful for tight family budgets this year.

The online white elephant party allows families to stay connected and share gifts with each other in a lively atmosphere of fun and games.  With the enhanced sharing tools on the web, the online version allows more expressive conversation than ever before. A steady stream of AlbinoPhant comments allows party participants the opportunity to post YouTube videos and images to assist in participating in the fun. There are even opportunities to share some of the conversation outside of the party in other social networks, allowing the party atmosphere to spill over to other corners of the web.

These social events are some of the most popular gathering and gift-giving activities in the US and Canada.  Sharing gifts from these parties saves family members on the volume of gifts purchased during the holidays. The online party combines e-shopping and gift sharing in one place, thereby reducing shopping travel as well. At the end of each party, the real gift you get is delivered to each individual’s door.

The online gift exchange is a labor of love by the Christensen family. They have used the online gift swap to stay resized Bruce and Sarahconnected with their scattered family members for several years. Sarah Christensen, a mother of five and grandmother of seven shares her love of the game by commenting, “When our youngest left home three years ago, we missed our family gift exchange party so much we started doing our party online.” And Bruce Christensen added this comment, “We visited more in 19-days while we were playing than we do all year, because of this party”. Their entire family loves this game and is thrilled to share it with others at this time.

The Christensen’s hired a team of Facebook developers and other web professionals to take their simple family party and turn it into a fully operational Facebook application.

Your family may not be descendants of any famous outlaws, but they can give gift thievery and lively banter a new home on the Internet this holiday season by playing AlbinoPhant on your computer.

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