Sitting elephant decoration for white elephant party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A sitting elephant can join your next party

The white elephant gift exchange is the most popular group gift party in North America. Families, church groups and businesses use this fun gift giving event to bring people together in a lively social experience during the holidays.
sitting elephant carving
The white elephant party involves people sitting down to play a gift swapping game, so it seem fitting to use some sitting elephants as a part of the decorations for the event.

The best and most wacky white elephant parties will carry some theme throughout the event, so we have gathered together some ideas for the sitting elephant gift exchange.

Most of the sitting elephants that we have seen are not white, but a little white spray paint and presto – White elephant party decorations!

Elephant decorations

There are several places you can purchase sitting elephants carved from teak, like the one pictured on this page. Prices range from $15 to $25 dollars for a carved sitting elephant. You may be able to find a sitting elephant figurine molded from resin for less money, but you will need to search around to find this option. Spray painting a resin version is probably a better value that one made of expensive wood.

Sitting Elephant Prize

We have found that it is fun to add an extra gift surprise at the party. You could award a carved elephant to the person who brings  the most unique white elephant gift that is stolen the most during the game. Another idea is to have a random name drawing and give a unique gift away raffle-style. This extra award is similar to the Master of ES award that we offer in the AlbinoPhant online gift exchange party.

We have included a couple of YouTube videos for some other elephant decoration and desert ideas, so let your imagination and creativity take the party from here… Your going to love this party!

Sitting elephant cake…

Create a paper sitting elephant

If you have family and friends that live a distance away, then an online verision of the white elephant gift exchange might be fun. You can “test-drive” the AlbinoPhant system HERE.

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