Skype is joining the Facebook party!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, June 24, 2010


Social networks and online parties like gift exchanges
If we look down the “internet road” we can see a day when parties in person will combine with online parties to include everyone…

Online parties will be next…

Skype and Facebook are both figuring out how to mesh video chat and social networking into one package.

Envision a baby shower for a new mommy who has friends all around the country. Currently the shower attendees are limited to those who live close or are willing to travel to be with the new mother in person.

With Skype and a networking system, like Facebook the activities could be shared by video and coordinated online and in person. Some of the attendees would be sharing gifts that are opened directly by the mommy, while other gifts are opened virtually and displayed on the computer, only to be delivered by UPS later.

The glue that would make this event stick in the memory of everyone involved would be an engaging activity that combined both the computer crowd and the live crowd in the action.

Thanks to the video advances of Skype and the networking abilities of social media, we will all eventually make every party and share in all the fun.

We can envision a day when online parties like AlbinoPhant will be commonplace in white elephat gift sharing times. When other important life events are connected to internet activity sources that allow any distance to be bridged.

Distance will not be a stop sign on the future internet roads.


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