Stocking Stuffer Swap – In memory of a lost child

Posted by Princess Phant on Thursday, November 12, 2009
Great Stocking Story

Great Stocking Story

Some good ideas and great causes come from a loss or tragedy. I learned of a wonderful way to use the gift exchange concept to share with children this season.

Julia Chambers, crochet artisan and the author of several blogs, including “The difference between a duck”, shared a stocking stuffer gift exchange that has its genesis in a personal loss. Some family friends were tragically killed in an accident near Christmas.

She and her daughter decided to gather small gifts for children and wrap them for a gift swap, as a way of healing the wounds of the community. They started a stocking stuffer swap for kids in their area.

“The gifts were meant to carry on the spirit of gratitude to our community, both givers and receivers.  To bless friends and neighbors…” Julia Chambers

All ages appreciate a great party, and a White Elephant / Yankee Swap party is a great way to be social in a group. I would caution that small children may have trouble grasping the “stealing” component of the white elephant style of gift exchange, so an alternative might be better.

I would recommend for the child-version, that you stick to just a simple exchange of wrapped gifts.  Make sure that you mark boy or girl gifts and share them appropriately. This is the style that Julia and her daughter have chosen and it seems to be working well for them.

Every challenge in life can be turned into an opportunity, with a little creativity and some care. The stocking stuffer exchange sprung from a challenge, but with thought and charity it shows others what it means to truly care.

Have a great holiday season of sharing.

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