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Hosting a party is a project – even when it moves online.

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, December 14, 2009

Party hosting is not for the weak or timid. Successful parties are the result of the extraordinary efforts of a committed host.
For any event to succeed, someone steps up and takes on the responsibility to lead. It is amazing that millions of parties actually happen every month, when we measure the effort it takes.
We appreciate the efforts of the host…
There must be a compelling reason that drives a host to be a host. The fact is, the rewards of completing a successful party must outweigh the work, or parties would never happen. The recognition and gratitude of… Read the rest »

Ten great white elephant gifts, to start a conversation.

Posted by King Thibaw on Friday, October 23, 2009

The best white elephant parties have the gifts become the topic of fun conversations. Unique and fun gifts are why these gift exchange events are such popular social activities.Albinophant gifts 1albino..gifts2
We not only use the gift itself to build the banter, but we also play off the title of the gift, the uses for the gift and even the brand name. Any one of these will assist in growing the conversation with other participants.
Part of the magic of this party is that everyone’s creative thought increases as each gift is opened. Then, each thought turns the conversation in another direction… Read the rest »