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Business Gifts for the Office Holiday Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, November 8, 2012

Office gift parties build unity
Your employees work hard year round to make you money, so what better way to show them your appreciation by getting them a nice Christmas gift and hosting an office party. You can go simple and just provide time for gift sharing or take it up a notch with a white elephant gift exchange or Secret Santa swap.  Anything that you plan will go a long way to build employee unity improve moral. Whether you have men or women working for you, techies or chocoholics, you’re sure to find some great employee gift ideas.

Give… Read the rest »

7 Ways to Save on Holiday Gift Giving

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, November 1, 2012

White elephant parties are not the only way to save
Regular readers will know that the white elephant gift exchange is a great way to save money on gift giving during the holidays. Beyond a fun party, there are seven easy ways to save money while giving gifts this Christmas.
Saving money on Christmas can be white elephant gift exchangesDon’t break the bank this holiday season; instead, check out these unbeatable tips on how you can save your hard-earned money this Christmas!
Create a Holiday Budget
Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter festivities, it is vitally important to determine a budget. You should always devise a budget for… Read the rest »

Great White Pumpkin Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, October 26, 2012

Secret Santa Exchange – Halloween Style
We came across this idea in a forum discussion on the internet. We thought it sounded like a fun and unique gift exchange party for the Halloween season.
White elephant gift exchange with great pumpkin theme
What is it? You’re familiar with Secret Santa? Well, this is a Halloween version. People that sign up will act on behalf of the Great Pumpkin and purchase a gift for another randomly assigned participant. The “Great Pumpkin” is code for “Secret Santa”.
How It Works You sign up and get randomly assigned a gift participant. You’ll be sent their info and have a limited time… Read the rest »

Office Party Choices – Secret Santa or White Elephant

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, October 5, 2012

It is no secret that Santa and the White Elephant are holiday partners
Secret Santa and white elephant gift exchangesWe are big fans of any style of gift exchange party or game. We mostly focus on the white elephant gift party, but we also love to give a nod to the Secret Santa swap, particularly for office parties.
If you have ever worked in an office then you may already be familiar with the Christmas tradition of Secret Santa.  This is a popular Western tradition that livens up the workplace and gets everyone talking at the Christmas party.
I have played Secret Santa many times over… Read the rest »

White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules Compared

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, June 27, 2011

White Elephant Gift Party Rules
The most complete list of gift exchange rules anywhere!
White elephant and Yankee Swap rules by PartyWeDoThe white elephant and secret Santa exchanges are the most popular gift swapping parties for groups during the holidays. Similar group parties are used by direct sales companies like Tupperware every day of the year. The PartyWeDo recreational experts monitor the gift exchange industry to assist you in finding the best ways to share presents with family and friends. Our team has collected the most complete list of gift exchange rules and suggestions available on the web. We encourage you to share these ideas with your… Read the rest »

The Elf Score and the Banter Algorithm

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, March 4, 2011

Elfster has the Elf Score but AlbinoPhant uses the Banterithm

Elfster has been helping thousands of people organize their Secret Santa activities over the years. They join many other mystery gift shopping tools that have been developed  both on and off the web.
Here are some links to similar secret Santa organizer programs:measuring white elephant gift exchange conversaton
Secret Santa Organizer . com
Secret Santa Name Picker at Boogspace .com
Secret Santa . com
Draw Names . com
Sneaky Santa .com
Sly Santa .com
Elfster has developed a site that allows secret Santa gift sharing activities to have a social component, like a social network… Read the rest »

35 Top Secret Santa Exchange Poems

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

35 great Secret Santa poems
Gift exchange like white elephant party are greatYou may not be aware of the fact that poetry and gift exchange events have a long partnership in fun. Joining unique gifts, these poems add more fun to these gift swap events. Whenever a group gets together in creative conversation there usually arises an opportunity for a fun  poem to be shared within the gift exchange party.
There are many poems associated with Christmas, Santa Clause or Kris Kringle. We will not catalog them all here, but will instead focus on those associated with the secret Santa exchange and then we will share… Read the rest »

Gift exchange rules: Secret Santa to White Elephants

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gift exchange rules
Wrapped Gifts for the gift exchangeThe gift exchange party is the most common way to share unique white elephant gifts among groups of family and friends. These events are held during various holiday celebrations and for office parties, family and class reunions.
more white elephant gift ideas
The most common and popular gift exchange is the Secret Santa gift swap game. It is primarily used to exchange gifts directly from one person to another.  This activity is akin to the standard name draw exchange that many groups use to establish the rules of gift purchasing among groups during important life events. But before we move into… Read the rest »

Worlds Biggest Online Gift Exchange – Proves something

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, December 17, 2009

We have been suggesting that sharing REAL gifts through social networks is a viable solution for dispersed family and friends. We have even built a demonstration application called AlbinoPhant to prove our point.
Sometimes we feel like our story if falling on deaf-ears; because the idea is so new and unproven…
But we know it can be done and are just waiting for others to agree.
We would like to thank the Reddit users for their absolute proof that a gift exchange can be organized and completed using internet connections. redditgift3
Antonio Cangiano’s Blog shares the story:  Antonio writes; “Dan McComas… Read the rest »

RSVP to a Test-Drive Party today!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You have been invited to attend an online gift party like no other.
Your host has used a special offer code (1234) to begin a “test-drive” party that allows you to experience a gift exchange without spending any money…
Like a real test drive!
Here are the step by step instructions on how to get the invitation, RSVP, find a gift (virtually), get it wrapped and then join the party.
It is really easy, once you have done it one time!
Step #1 (these screen shots seem to display better in Firefox than on Explorer browsers, sorry)
Step 1 how to RSVP
Step #2
Step 2a how to RSVP
Step… Read the rest »

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