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Zombie Alert Warning Bell Sounds for the Gift Exchange

Posted by MamaC on Thursday, November 29, 2012

Know when Zombies enter the white elephant party
Zombie alert bell for white elephant exchange
Warning! Warning! The zombies are coming! Thinking of how to let your friends and family know when the zombies are coming? Well this is the best White Elephant Gift you can give someone! Getting you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with this amazing Zombie Alert Bell Let Others Know When the Zombies Attack!!
 In this age of technology like mobile & email this is still the simplest way to communicate a potential Zombie intrusion. One ring = Ready now! Two rings = Be quick. Three rings = I”m desperate!!!
Ring up some… Read the rest »

Musical White Elephant Parties

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Musical magic for Christmas gifts
We love sharing great white elephant gift exchange ideas with you. The recreation team at AlbinoPhant have created a couple of music related gift parties: Handel’s Gift Exchange and the Caroling Exchange..
Musical white elephant gifts and partiesWith these variations of the white elephant gift exchange you might want to expand the party to include gifts with a musical focus. The following are some ideas for gifts that would enhance the party theme.
What will budding musicians be finding under their Christmas trees this year?
The trade group National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) and Making Music magazine have just… Read the rest »

White elephant auction and gift swap

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Graveling SOLD – White elephant gift auction
Finding fun and unique ways to share gifts between family and friends is a challenge for every group. The white elephant gift exchange is a great tradition for gift sharing during the holidays, but sometimes it gets a little old-hat.
white elephant gift exchange and gift auction
AlbinoPhant attempts to mix-up the fun by offering several variations of this classic party, including an online white elephant gift exchange.
Try a combination auction and white elephant exchange for your next gathering and be amazed at the fun and conversation that you will start. Remember that the most important component of the… Read the rest »

Musical White Elephant Exchange – Handel’s Style

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, June 6, 2011

White elephant gifts that get “handled”
The white elephant gift exchange party is a social gift sharing event used extensively during the holiday season. Many groups play the standard version of the game, with the standard white elephant gift exchange rules.
White elephant gift party with Handel's Christmas musicOur recreational specialists strive to provide you with some interesting new twists to this traditional gift party, so we have designed the online white elephant gift party for those who have distance to contend with. But if you live close to friends and family you might want to try the Handel’s Gift Can-Share-Go this season.
The Party Rules
The… Read the rest »

White Elephant Spin the Bottle Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, April 21, 2011

White elephant exchange + spin the bottle!
White elephant gift exchange using the spin the bottle gameThe popular white elephant gift party and the game called spin the bottle can now be joined for some gift sharing fun. This is a great way to add some variety to your group gift parties this year.
If you are doing a traditional white elephant party instead of an online gift exchange like AlbinoPhant, then the white elephant spin the bottle game will make your party even more fun than ever.
You will need to set-up the room so that all of the chairs are in a circle and spread apart… Read the rest »

Yankee Swap rules = social excitement

Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Yankee Swap rules build group fun
The white elephant gift exchange is also known as the Yankee Swap in some areas of the country. Both are very engaging social party activities that allow fun gift sharing among friends and family.
Yankee Swap Video
Watch this time elapse video of a group gift exchange party. Thisvideo demonstrates the white elephant gift sharing action that takes place within the party game.
We counted about 25 people in this gift exchange video, that looks like it was hosted in a typical living room. The Yankee Swap rules are the same as the… Read the rest »

White elephant facts from AlbinoPhant

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A White Elephant is really an Albino Elephant
Everyone has heard the term white elephant, but did you know why they are considered white? As white elephant gift exchange experts it is our job to share the facts with the world.
The word Albino was first used in 1777 and is from the Portuguese language. The albino elephant is an animal that is lacking normal hide pigmentation. The result is that the skin and the hair are abnormally white or milky and the eyes have a pink or blue iris with a deep-red pupil. The light colored hide and light… Read the rest »

What is a White Elephant?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

White elephant facts and myths
white-elephant facts
White Elephant as a gift…
In popular culture the term “White Elephant” refers to an object that isn’t worth very much or something that the current owner doesn’t particularly want to keep. Many feel that these  gifts are something worthy of re-gifting at the next holiday party. Wacky, crazy or unique white elephant gifts are common words used to search the internet for presents during the holidays. But is this really what a white elephant gift represents?
White Elephant as an object…
Some label a project that has an enormous production cost with little… Read the rest »

The Sitting Elephant – One big party trick

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, March 14, 2011

Sitting an elephant down is challenging
Because we are the white elephant gift exchange headquarters, we feel it is our responsibility to instruct you on how an elephant gets on its Hindquarters.  So here are the details for sitting an elephant…
Getting an elephant to sit requires a combination of patience and some physical effort before the massive pachyderm will finally sit back on its haunches. Regardless of the effort, any circus worth its salt needs several sitting elephants to fill the seats in the tent. So training elephants to sit is a much bigger deal than just a regular… Read the rest »

Elephant in the Room pictures

Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, March 13, 2011

Images of Elephants in the Room
To further our understanding of the use of the Elephant in our language and our art, we have included some fun images of the elephant in the room. We have also included some of the context that are supported by this imagery.
We believe that the tyranny of distance is the elephant in the room for families and friends when it comes time to share gifts with each other. This is why we have created an online platform for sharing gifts, no matter the distance..
Enjoy these images of the elephants in the room…… Read the rest »

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