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Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Families share white elephant gifts online

David Danziger with Acxiom suggests that family connections are a hidden marketing treasure. He said “…for marketers to fully capitalize on opportunities they’ll need to avail themselves of the generational and beyond-the-household family linkages that tell the full story of a family’s value”.

He illustrates the hidden value of family connections that bridge distances and generations. Think about the demographics of a family gathering for a minute and you can see the value in these connections. What is interesting is that very few internet applications are targeting family and generational connections effectively.

Let’s explore who would be at a college graduation party:

Twenty something young adults, who have little money and some debt.

Early 50’s Parents, with a household income of $85,000.

Middle-aged aunts and uncles with similar demographics to the parents of the graduate.

Grandparents that are retired and have a combined net worth of 2.5 million.

Friends of the family with various backgrounds and resources.

The graduation party is a focused event that gathers a diverse group of consumers together in one place. We would submit that when a close-knit group gathers to give gifts or to be supportive, it is a perfect time to approach them with a targeted marketing message. Messages from brands during these events create an implied endorsement by the family.

Marketing white elephant gifts to families

A smart marketer of gifts would love this targeted group, because this family group will also be purchasing for birthdays and holidays during the rest of the year. This is what we are demonstrating with the AlbinoPhant online white elephant party for holiday gift giving.

One of the great developments of the internet is the expanding opportunities to reach connected people. Marketers who can target connected families will have a powerful tool that could help them for generations to come. Web sites that bring families together in group activities should be able to help brands tell their story with greater influence.


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