The Sitting Elephant – One big party trick

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, March 14, 2011

Sitting an elephant down is challenging

Because we are the white elephant gift exchange headquarters, we feel it is our responsibility to instruct you on how an elephant gets on its Hindquarters.  So here are the details for sitting an elephant…

Getting an elephant to sit requires a combination of patience and some physical effort before the massive pachyderm will finally sit back on its haunches. Regardless of the effort, any circus worth its salt needs several sitting elephants to fill the seats in the tent. So training elephants to sit is a much bigger deal than just a regular party trick.elephant sitting with a girl

Elephant physiology suggests, and elephant trainers know, that these animals can sit down; it is just not something that they do regularly and especially on command. Intense training shifts an elephant’s paradigm from a four-legged position to one where sitting on the hindquarters becomes a regular part of the show. It takes a great deal of work between trainer and elephant to change the thinking, so this long process is not a party for the elephant or the instructor.

Changing a pattern of action is always a challenge, and takes work.

AlbinoPhant, the online white elephant party is changing the paradigm of group gift giving. The challenge is to change our thinking from location-based parties to internet-based gift sharing activities. Up until now we would gather in one room to sit as a group for the gift exchange. The family room, the church basement or the office conference room was the normal gathering place for these fun activities between family or friends. But distance and time have made this action more challenging for many groups and all seek a better way to share gifts.

New social applications like Facebook and YouTube have demonstrated that distance can be bridged using the internet. Groups can now gather and share conversation in a virtual space, changing the dynamics of personal interaction using a computer screen.

AlbinoPhant takes the virtual conversation one step further by allowing fun white elephant gifts to join the conversation and groups to gather for a traditional party game online. The AlbinoPhant gift exchange is not limited by the confines of the old family room, as the online party can span any distance, gathering all who want to support one another during important life events. Personal interactions can now play-out online as gifts are revealed on the computer screen and then delivered by UPS in the days that follow the party.

Like the training for a sitting elephant, we continue our work to make the online party become “The Greatest Show on Earth” for families and friends.

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