The White Elephant Gift in a Pickle – Punk Rock Pickle…

Posted by MamaC on Friday, December 6, 2013

white elephant punk rock pickle

Punkle Punk Rock Pickle White Elephant Gift

Punkle is a rebel “cuke”, pickled in his own attitude and with a brash courage that only a small green vegetable can exude! He has a punk haircut, tattoos and a ring in his nose!  The perfect conversation starter in the white elephant gift exchange game and a fun gag gift for any occasion

The Punkle Punk Rock Dill Pickle will be a white elephant gift to remember and the one that everyone will want to take home as a memory of the fun of they had at the holiday party.

White elephant gift with Attitude…

This pickle never steps down from an argument and is not above starting one, so beware of what he will do when he is opened and shared as a white elephant gift! He  wears black shoes and black gloves and his blazing red hair is a volatile as his temper so be careful when handling him! Great funny little pickle dude! He is not only a very cool toy, but he is 6 inches tall and very well made. The face is very funny, very expressive.  His little devil horn hand signal is hilarious!

Pickle white elephant gift ideas

There are hundreds of fun pickle-themed gifts that you can use asunique white elephant gifts. Pickles are sort of the “bacon of the vegetable group”, so there are many great pickle gifts. AlbinoPhant has brought many of them together in the Pickles Pride Marketplace for your convenience.

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