A white elephant in the room with Barbara Baby Boomer

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, April 18, 2011

Marketing agencies like Navigate Boomer Media are suggesting that baby boomer women like “Barbara Baby Boomer” are savvy internet users. These mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and grandmothers balance their nurturing efforts with many other interests. They have found that the internet, smart phones and skype are the tools that allow them to juggle many balls in cyberspace, and still remain close and connected to the family.

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She supports on the internet

These boomer trendsetters demonstrate that they can find technical solutions to the things that pull them in many directions.


The real elephant in the room for these busy women is the problem of distance. Her kids are in two different states, with the grandchildren, her parents live several hours away and her siblings are scattered across the country. Travel is expensive and time restricts her desire to be with those she loves for every important life event. She has now turned to the web to assist her in navigating around this elephant in the room and succeeding in her various areas of support.

Regular readers of the AlbinoPhant blog know that we are passionate about the gift-giving support system within families. The baby boomer woman drives a significant portion of the gift market in the US, as she supports a multi-generational network of family and friends. She manages gifts for birthdays, graduations, holidays, weddings, births and much more. She purchases gifts for business clients and office associates and still she struggles with the idea of doing more to make this process more personal and warm.

Barbara Baby Boomer stresses over the emotional choice between actually traveling to the party or just sending a gift through UPS. She knows that traveling drains the pocketbook, but the UPS option raises the level of guilt from missing the event.

AlbinoPhant is a white elephant party that tackles the elephant in the room called distance. The online gift giving application will never be as warm as an actual hug from grandma, but it is still a stronger substitute than a cold UPS delivery.

What other things should be developed to help Barbara get around the elephant in her gift giving processes?

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