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Posted by Princess Phant on Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who plays this party game anyway?

Where was your first white elephant party? Did the organizers call it a gift exchange, or Yankee Swap, or something different? How many people were there? What rules did you use? There are so many different versions of the traditional white elephant game, and the flexibility is all part of the fun. That’s why it’s so popular, right across the US and Canada, with people in all age groups. It’s the one party where you’ll find grandparents, kids, teenagers and business people all grouped together and all having a great time!

Sharing the Fun

Staying Connected and Sharing Gifts

Although the tradition of giving white elephants is obviously much more serious and respectful in my home country than it is here, I do confess that I, Princess Phant, find your way to be a lot more fun. Don’t tell my father, King Thibaw! He’s very serious about his white elephants.

From what I can gather, all sorts of groups of people hold and attend gift exchange parties, and they do it in a variety of different ways. Maybe you’ve been to one at church, for example, at the annual Christmas get-together – which would probably be a rather different experience from playing Yankee Swap at the office Christmas party! Alternatively, maybe it’s a long-running family tradition amongst you and your loved ones. A way to ensure that everyone gets together during the holidays or at the reunion to share gifts, laughter, conversation, banter, and a memorable time.

And don’t forget that at AlbinoPhant, you can play all year round, and it doesn’t even matter if you and your guests are not in the same room – or even in the same state! It’s all done online, which means you can still enjoy that fun party atmosphere and the exchange of real gifts, but from the comfort of your own chair and at times that are convenient for you. White elephant parties just got a whole lot better! So whatever your reason, and whoever your guests, check out AlbinoPhant and get that party started…

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