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Posted by Princess Phant on Thursday, July 23, 2009
Make the gifts fun!

Make the gifts fun!

What sort of gift should you bring to a White Elephant gift exchange? Well, obviously a big factor in that decision is going to be whether or not the host has given the party a theme, or a price bracket. Both of these are pretty common in organizing a white elephant or Yankee Swap event. The price limitation saves you from the embarrassment of bringing a really cheap gift only to discover that everyone else has spent a bit more money on theirs, while the theme gives you a bit of guidance about the type of gift you should choose – and can also help to make the game even more fun!

Without a theme, the variety in gifts can be huge. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it adds to the suspense and element of excitement and competition when you know you could end up with anything from a nice outfit to a box of macaroni! As an expert in white elephant party games thanks to my role as the King’s party planner, I have seen it all – and that includes some really weird and wonderful gifts!

Some of the most unusual gifts I’ve seen have included a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Kit, and an actual statue of a white elephant. One prankster wrapped a huge mega-pack of toilet paper in beautiful wrapping, complete with ribbons and bows – the package was enormous, and clearly a lesson in the “bigger is not always better” school of thought! Possibly my favourite story of an unusual white elephant gift is the one I read once about a man who secretly stole and wrapped his neighbor’s hubcaps before the party. As you can imagine, the expression on the victim’s face was priceless when the ‘gift’ was unwrapped, and great entertainment followed, through his frantic efforts to steal back the gift throughout the course of the game…

What are the most unusual white elephant party gifts you’ve ever seen, or brought, or ended up with at the end of the party? Everyone has at least one story to tell, in my experience!

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