UPS can’t deliver Love in the box

Posted by PartyWeDo on Saturday, May 22, 2010


The bell rings and you swing open the door to reveal the smiling UPS driver, holding an Amazon box… Your birthday present has arrived or maybe it is a white elephant gift surprise…

UPS loveThis same story plays out millions of times a year with little fanfare or personal impact, because UPS isn’t tasked to deliver personality, fun or Love. They only distribute the box, get a signature and then move on down the road.

The UPS distribution system is a marvel of good logistics and great efficiency, but they deliver boxes… not love.

Many of the items that the UPS driver handles are expressions of love, sent by family and friends to support important life events. UPS simply becomes the intermediary in a process that would have been more personal, if the parties had lived closer to each other.

When it comes time to give a birthday present to a distant friend, we shop with love and thought. We wrap the gift with bright paper, a bow and some ribbon. Then, because we must ship, the gift is placed in a plain box and given to UPS.

What would happen if we could insert some of our personality and love into the gift distribution process?

What if we could host an online party and then have the UPS driver be the deliver guy for the gifts from the event/ What if we could have a engaging white elephant gift party on the internet and then have the gifts delivered?

Maybe we could require that the UPS driver wear a party hat or sing a short birthday tune when the door opens?

When the day or event is special, we should find ways to deliver our love and our personality to support UPS in the package delivery. We could do better for those we love, and make the delivery a part of a memorable process.

What could we do to help UPS deliver the love?

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