UPS fun fact: Need more white elephant gift delivery…

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our goal is to make gift giving more fun for everyone.

In most cases, a major component of the giving process is the delivery of the gift. When distance is involved, the delivery must be turned over to someone else, like UPS. The sad truth is that this delivery process really isn’t very fun for ether you or your gift recipient.balloon art

I found it odd that an article in Associated Content listed some UPS 100-year facts as “Fun”.

It is interesting that what started in a garage in Seattle with $100 dollars has grown to be the world’s largest shipping company with over 500,000 employees… But not really that much fun.

Even though an average driver makes $75,000 a year to deliver your packages, you still don’t really get any more fun than you would from watching paint dry. It is hard to categorize the UPS delivery process as fun.

In fact package delivery can be somewhat of a hassle when you consider all of the preparation of the package. I quote Susan, a contributor to the All The Way DHL blog: “Shipping gifts or packages of any kind is just not that much fun. And you have to pay for the privilege”!

Maybe these packaging hassles are the reason that so many gifts are purchased and delivered from online retailers. E-Commerce does take away the hassle of self-packaging, leaving more time to find some fun, somewhere.

Vincent van Wylick with Tech IT likes the convenience of package delivery, but had a tirade on the time that he wastes waiting for the doorbell to ring from the UPS driver.

So if the packing of the box and the waiting for the delivery are low on fun, how can we associate package delivery with FUN? We suggest that it is so important that fun be a part of gift giving that we can’t allow the delivery process to be this dull…

We are a country of bright and creative people, so we mustn’t let gift delivery continue to this low on the fun meter.

What would you do to fix this problem?

While you are thinking about how to make gift delivery more fun, here is an interesting video on the UPS distribution process…

Thanks to Smiley Balloons for the great balloon picture!

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