Wacky White Elephant Game

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, December 19, 2013

A wacky white elephant board game

The holidays are crazy around our house. We have family activities, church events, community projects and this website, focused on all things white elephant, to keep us busy. This year we have found some time to review the wacky white elephant board game. It is a tool that can be used to add to the experience of white elephant gift giving- The Wacky White Elephant Holiday Party Gift Exchange Game is a different way to play the traditional gift swap and add some extra fun to the party activities.

Wacky white elephant gift game

Bah Humbugger

The wacky white elephant board game uses the basic white elephant gift exchange rules, but adds in some unique (wacky) playing cards. There are three types of cards – Bah Humburgger, Egg Noggin and Nutty Cracker cards.

Bah Humburgger cards create some movement of the gifts during the game. Egg Noggins have Christmas trivia questions that when answered correctly yield a reward to the players. Nutty Cracker cards ask players for some type of performance to be completed and judged by the group. A final card is the Wacky White Elephant Card that is sort of a wild card that allows carte blanche gift selection as a final play in the game.

One of the thoughtful  features of this game is that each card is marked with the optimal time to introduce the particular card into the game. Some can work early in the game and others need to wait until more gifts are opened.  It will be the responsibility of the host of the party to administer the timing and make sure that the cards are used at appropriate times.

White elephant gift stealing

The centerpiece of the gift exchange party are the unique white elephant gifts that are brought into the game. The fun is created when people are given the opportunity to steal gifts from other players, creating more excitement and engagement within the event. The wacky white elephant board game includes stickers that are used to track the number of times a gift has been stolen during the party.  The rules in this game differentiate between stealing and exchanging gifts. Stealing can only happen 3 times, but exchanges (as directed by the playing cards) can happen at any time without the “rule of 3” steals being enforced.

Hang the Mistletoe

The game box includes a sprig of mistletoe that is used during the game.  The instructions state that you must hang the mistletoe close to where the game is being played.  This added dimension could create some extra banter and fun as the game progresses, but we will leave it to you to think about what could happen.

The wacky white elephant board game is another fun way to share the holiday spirit and great white elephant gifts this season. We encourage you to give this game a try.

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