Wal-Mart needs to buy Facebook

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Retailing is all about finding and developing a strong distribution channel and building sustainable sales opportunities through great marketing.

Wal-Mart has conquered the brick and mortar space and is now making great strides on the internet. Their success is built on serving large volumes of individuals with value pricing and convenient locations.

Every day Wal-Mart attracts huge crowds through their strong marketing initiatives, so no one can argue with their ability to build out a strong sales channel…

Then why should Wal-Mart make Facebook a subsidiary sales channel?

To access the huge crowds of potential shoppers within social networks.

15 Slides suggest how to appeal to Facebook users…

Wal-Mart could start by committing to be the gift merchant of the internet. They already sell and distribute a lion’s share of the $150 billion dollar gift business in the US.

With Facebook, Wal-Mart will become the gift supplier for the millions of families and friends who share birthdays, weddings, births, and holidays each year. (They already gather on the network to share everything else).

Facebook would be Wal-Mart’s online gift sales channel, as well as its virtual greeter…

What do you think? Should Wal-Mart call Facebook and make an offer?

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