What is the Dirty Brickster?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, September 27, 2009

Excellent question…  I had to find out, so I Google’d for the answer…lego

It seems that there is a group of serious Lego aficionados that have adapted the traditional white elephant gift exchange or Yankee Swap into a Lego brick exchange.

OK… did you know that Lego pieces were called bricks?  I’m of Danish descent and I always thought of them as blocks not bricks.

Oh… did you know that they were invented in Denmark?  Me nether!

I am assuming that the title Dirty Brickster spun from the Dirty Santa gift exchange, which is just one of the many names for this traditional party activity.

It seems that a Seattle based Lego brick group called Sealug are the developers of this gift party.  They use the Dirty Brickster game to exchange Lego brick assemblies and other Lego gear.

This is just another example of how many ways the white elephant gift exchange party can be adapted for fun.

If you review the rules for the Dirty Brickster, you will see that they follow the white elephant party rules pretty closely. Except for the chanting…

When a participant steals a Lego gift, those assembled generally chant “Dirty Brickster! Dirty Brickster! Dirty Brickster!”.

I can see why this chanting rule works for the Lego party, but can you imagine trying this at the White Elephant Gift Exchange?     It would be a mouthful and a tongue-twister.

So, now you know of the Dirty Brickster party and the history of Legos…

What other names have your heard given to the Yankee Swap, err, I mean – Rob your Neighbor.


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