What to share in the White Elephant Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gift selection ideas for white elephant party success

Finding the perfect gift to share with family and friends can be a bit daunting. That is why the white elephant gift exchange has become such a popular gift sharing activity. Because the rules of the game allow the players the opportunity to “steal” gifts that they really like from one another, it takes a bit of the pressure off.

The white elephant gifts that are shared make the party engaging and really add to the fun conversation in the game. Find a great gift for the party is therefor an important part of the event.

White elephant gift suggestionsBecause the gift selection is critical we thought we would share a few ideas that our friend Michelle has suggested to us.

Michelle’s ideas:

It’s a great feeling being able to give someone something that you think they are going to really like and it’s a very exciting moment when they tear off the wrapper to see what surprise you have in store for them. However at the same time this is also a potentially quite nerve wracking experience and many of us will feel nervous to give gifts on the off chance that they don’t like them or that they will already have them. While it’s of course a nice thought still, you don’t want it to look like you don’t know the person at all or as though you haven’t spend time and thought buying the present, and it’s an awkward moment for everyone when someone opens an unwanted gift. So to avoid this it’s important to think carefully about the gifts you give and to try hard to look for inspiration when you have none. Here we will look at some great gift ideas that you can use to help you come to a decision on what to give your friend or loved one.

Things for the House

This is often a great strike of inspiration when you realize ‘I could get them things for their home!’. Of course this is highly ideal when the person has recently moved house and this way you can help them to excitedly make their new home better. At the same time though it’s still a nice gift for people who haven’t moved recently and you should still consider it. Ornaments here are a great option for helping your friend or loved one to make their home more exciting, but only if you know what they would like to display and if you know they will have room – it’s a horrible feeling being forced to put something on show that you don’t want to.

Food and Drink

Food and drink gets around the problem of giving someone something they don’t have space for – because this gets eaten and so needn’t be a burden. However if you don’t want this to be a boring gift then you need to think outside the box – how about getting them a sushi making kit for instance? Or getting them an exciting drink from another country such as sake?

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great gift because it’s something that is at once home made, but at the same time high quality and something you can actually use. The most exciting gift baskets are themed ones, so look at using gift baskets that are ‘picnic’ gift baskets, or that are ‘spa gift baskets’.

Trips and Days Out

Getting people tickets to something is another great way to give them something exciting that they can look forward to, and giving them something that you know they won’t struggle to have room for. A great example is tickets to a concert to see their favorite band, though this does mean you need to ensure they are definitely free on that day. As an alternative, why not get them tickets that they can use at any time? Like vouchers for a spa?

Personalized Gifts

This is a great way to give someone something that you know they won’t have and that shows time and consideration has gone into your choice. Personalized gifts can be very special such as engraved jewellery, or they can be more humorous token gifts like underwear with their name on.

Michelle blogs about many different gift ideas. Her latest gift to her cousin was a collection of awesome music figurines. You can see porcelain figurines of many other themes on limogesfactory.com


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