White Elephant Gifts on Easter? Try this Egg Hunt

Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter gifts in a unique exchange party

white elephant egg hunt is a Easter gift exchange partyWhite Elephant Egg Hunt

I bet  that you have never seen a white elephant or an actual white elephant egg – have you?  These albino elephants are so rare and valuable that only kings can own them once they are found. So imagine the rarity of an actual white elephant egg!

Now you can have a Royal white elephant egg hunt with your family and friends. Like any other white elephant exchange, this is an opportunity to share fun gifts and great conversation with those you love.  But you will need to substitute something different for the very rare albino elephant eggs – We suggest the common cantaloupe!

White elephant egg or cantaloupe

Once you have your substitute elephant eggs gathered from the local grocer, you are ready to prepare them for the gift exchange party. Use a marking pen to number each “egg” so that there is one egg for every player.  We suggest that you use a food-safe marker, but the skin of a cantaloupe is thick like a…..Elephant’s hide, so you could probably get by with another style of marker if you use it on the day of the event.

Set-up like any white elephant gift exchange

You will set-up this  party using the standard rules for white elephant gift exchange and then extend invitations. You can suggest that they bring gifts that will add to the fun of the event and even set a price limit if you would like.  Easter is a great time to host this party so you could suggest Easter gifts or some Easter themed gift purchasing requirement.

On the day of the event you will need to hide the eggs, just like you would for an Easter egg hunt.  This is just a bit different because these eggs are white elephant sized, so you might want to let the grass grow a bit taller! You should get a bit of entertainment from this effort…

The party game starts with the white elephant egg hunt. Tell the players that the numbers will be their gift selection order in the gift exchange portion of the game. This will allow for some strategy to play-out as people find elephant eggs and then decide to keep or leave them for the next guy. (Like strategy every helped anyone in a white elephant gift exchange!)

Baby Elephant Eggs?

After all the eggs have been claimed they can be gathered into the kitchen for processing into the “baby elephant eggs” with a Double Melon Baller and Mini Scoop.  Just remember to record who had what number so you can use it in the exchange portion of the party. Use the newly created fruit treats as a part of your refreshments.

Now you are ready to do the gift exchange like you would with any traditional white elephant gift party.  In stead of drawing names in a random manner you will use the order from the white elephant eggs.

Other Ideas…

You could expand the fun with an Easter trivia contest during the mellon balling fun, or do a left-right game with the melons prior to finalizing the game selection order.  Printable Easter Ideas

Now you know that the white elephant gift exchange is not just for the Christmas season, but can be a great way to share gifts and fun at almost any holiday.  Take the time to plan a Royal White Elephant Egg Hunt and Gift Exchange this Easter – You are going to love this Party!

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