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Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, November 22, 2013

White Elephant Delux card game adds to gift exchange fun

The white elephant gift exchange party is always a popular holiday event, but  this year a new card game can really add to the fun of sharing white elephant gifts with family and friends.

White elephant gift exchange game - delux

White elephant card game

white elephant game card

The white elephant delux game enhances the standard white elephant gift exchange rules, by adding-in unique player requirements written on playing cards.  Each player gets a number card for playing order (26 number cards), but they also get an instruction card. 

Players are asked to not look at their instruction cards until it is their turn. The instruction card is read when a player’s number comes up, and then they are asked to follow the instructions printed on the card.  The White Elephant Delux rules state that instruction cards are only read after a player has a gift in their possession.


White elephant gift instructions

The instruction cards are the extra level of engagement that really adds to the game. The White Elephant Delux box comes with 28 of these instruction cards, each with a unique task or set of tasks. Here are a sampling of the instructions given:

“Select two other players and have them swap unlocked gifts – This swap can be stopped if one of the swappers can name 6 of Santa’s reindeer in 30-seconds – Go!”

“Give your gift and number to anyone who hasn’t picked yet and take their player number”

“Select another player to unlock a gift of their choice – This allows one more trade for the selected gift before it is relocked”

Note: Our recreation team reviewed most of the instruction cards and feel that there is a good mix of engaging instructions, but the host must be prepared for the possibility that the first player may recieve an instruction card that would be better played further into the game.  It would be suggested that the host allow another draw from the instruction card pile, if an instruction does not work well for the game flow.

Locked white elephant gifts

The card game uses the common 3-steals rule that states that once a white elephant gift has been opened it can only change hands two more times before being locked from play.  In the White Elephant Delux game there is an instruction card or two that makes exceptions to that rule. There is also a card that creates immunity from a gift being stolen, so there are extra layers of fun that you will find by using the cards. We all love games with these bonus engagement opportunities…

Not your Mother’s white elephant game

All in all this white elephant party game variation will be a great investment in your holiday fun.  Here at AlbinoPhant we love finding variations to the traditional gift swap party, so.the White Elephant Delux cards are worth giving a try.  If you would like additional information on this new card game you can contact the developers directly at sales@whiteelephantdelux.com.  We trust that your white elephant gift giving season will be even more merry as you play this fun game.

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