White Elephant Gift – Blo and Go Hair Dryer Holder

Posted by MamaC on Friday, November 14, 2014

white elephant gift idea Blo and Go Hair Dryer Holder

A White Elephant Hair Raising Solution

Do you have that special someone in your life that wishes that they had an extra set of arms to get their hair just right in the mornings?  Well look no further we have found the perfect white elephant gift idea for this years party.

 It is the Blo and Go by Laurie Coleman – Portable Hair Dryer Holder for just that problem!  Blo and Go is like having an extra hand to hold your blow dryer so you can get professional salon results at home faster and easier. It is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. Blow and go attaches to most flat surfaces in seconds with a unique pressure grip lock system and securely holds almost any blow dryer so your hands are free to easily style your hair. It is flexible to adjust to any angle and is completely portable so it goes with you anywhere. Perfect for any kind of hair, long, short straight or curly. In addition it was a television infomercial and could be used in an “as seen on TV” themed white elephant gift exchange.

Blown away white elephant gift idea

You will be blown away by the results you will get. Even dry the back of your hair with ease. The perfect white elephant gift for your holiday parties as well. So stop struggling with your blow dryer. It really does give me an “extra hand” when styling my hair. I like that I can either use two hands for styling, or set the dryer on a low, diffused setting to dry my hair while I’m putting on make-up. I’ve also used it in the laundry room for drying my dog after her bath, so that I can have both hands available. It’s easy to put up and take down to move from room to room for that purpose.

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