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Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, March 30, 2012

International Cash Mob Day + white elephant gifts

White elephant gift exchange with a Cash Mob twistDid you know that March 24th was International Cash Mob Day?

We learned about the Cash Mob events from our friends at Small Biz Survival but we were too late to join in the fun this year. So next year we will host a Cash Mob Gift Exchange to celebrate the day.

As we understand the shopping-mob process, a group of like-minded individuals gather at a specified location with the agreement that they will each spend at least $20 dollar in a given store. The invitations to the event are usually spread via the social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Cash Mob – White Elephant Gift Exchange

Our family stumbled into this process without even knowing it was called a Cash Mob, or that it had an official day!  We have enjoyed several Cash Mob Gift Exchanges over the years and they are great fun.  Shopping as a mob and then sharing gifts was a big holiday tradition for our family when the children were young.

Here is what to do:

  1. Selected a Thrift Store or Flea Market in the town where you are holding our white elephant gift party.  Here are a couple of links to thrift store locators:  Goodwill…. Salvation Army….White elephant gift shoping at Goodwill
  2. Send invitations to all the family members with the date, time and the store location. Note: The party starts at the store and ends somewhere else.
  3. Arrange for a family member to host the actual gift exchange portion of the party at their home.  (remember to tell them not to come to the final location first, but to go directly to the store)
  4. Tell everyone what the maximum gift cost should be and that they will be required to purchase the gift at the Cash Mob’s thrift store site.
  5. Ask everyone to be as “stealthy” as possible in selecting and purchasing the gifts, so that items will not be recognized and associated with any one player. (This is a big part of the “Cash Mob” fun of doing white elephant gift shopping in the same place!)
  6. Provide brown paper bags for people to stuff their gifts into, so that they can take them to their cars without detection.  You might want to give the store manager or clerks a “heads-up” as to why there are so many Cash Mob shoppers acting so strangely and stuffing things in bags!
  7. Give the shoppers at least an hour to enjoy the shopping and “secret check-out” process before they are due at the gift exchange location.
  8. You could ask that everyone bring wrapping paper and tape or gift bags for preparing the gifts for the official exchange. Then give people some space at the party location for wrapping. What you will find is that they will do most of this in their cars.
  9. When everyone is at the final party location you will run the white elephant gift exchange game just like you would do normally, with random name selection, stealing and the like.

The cool part of this unique white elephant party is that everyone becomes a part of a group shopping adventure that helps a local charity.

The Cash Mob Gift Exchange allows sharing at a high level of engagement, so we suggest you try it on a holiday or on next year’s International Cash Mob Day.

You are going to love this party!


Thanks to the Budget Fashionista for the Goodwill image.

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    March 30th, 2012 3:15 pm
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    If you are a business owner and would like to have a Cash Mob come for a visit, here are some ideas:

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    Sometimes I contemplate if folks truly take time to write something original, or are they only just dishing out words to fill a site. This certainly doesn’t fit that mold. Thank you for taking the time to write with awareness. Now And Then I look at a page and question whether they even proofread it.Fantastic work with this article.

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