White Elephant Gift Exchange for Cat Lovers

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, March 5, 2012

A unique way to share great gifts within the cat-crowd

You may belong to a cat lovers club, a breeders group or you may know a bunch of crazy cat-ladies. Regardless, there is a bunch of fun awaiting your group with a Cat Lovers gift exchange.

White elephant gift exchange for cat lovers

The gift exchange is the perfect way to share gifts and social interaction without breaking the bank. We can see a complete event surrounding the love of cats – including a gift swap.

What could be more fun for animal lovers than to combine cats with white elephant gifts?

Do a Cat-lovers white elephant gift exchange!

Invitations could spell out the rules – everyone must bring a gift that a cat-lover would find interesting… The more unusual the better for this gift party…

We all know that a white elephant gift exchange is more about the banter and social engagement than anything else, so have everyone shop for wacky gifts that will get everybody talking. Play the white elephant game the same way you would normally, just add a touch of feline fun into the mix.

We have gathered together some unique cat lovers gifts from the AlbinoPhant marketplace for your inspection. The marketplace is powered by Amazon so you can increase your search directly from our custom Cat lovers gift list, using the search box right on the page.

Explore the White Elephant Gifts for Cat-Lovers now…

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