5 reasons to do the White Elephant Party online

Posted by Princess Phant on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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The number one gift exchange activity in the US and Canada during the holidays is the white elephant party or yankee swap.

Families, churches and clubs all use this gift swap event to create a great social experience and to share gifts with each other. The white elephant gifts range from the silly to the very desirable, and all points in between.

Now there are online alternatives to this popular event that will save you time and money. We suggest the top 5 reasons to take the party online this year:

  • Distant family and friends can be invited to participate without leaving their homes.
  • Busy people can purchase all their gifts online without heading out to the mall.
  • Travel expenses are eliminated, because you can share the fun from any computer.
  • Increased communication from the more timid members of your group in a virtual, non-threatening setting.
  • The ability to enter and leave the party activities at will and to participate on your schedule.

You can organize a party through email, use a social networking site or host a party through AlbinoPhant. Any way that you choose, your family and friends will enjoy being included in some memorable fun, without breaking the bank.

Are there other holiday activities that you could be moved online to save money in the recession?

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