Amazon & Facebook link… White elephant gifts next!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We told you so….

Bruce and Sarah

Now that Amazon and Facebook are working together to help friends and family find E-commerce solutions, we would like to mention that WE TOLD YOU SO!

The internet pundits have finally discovered that shopping is a social experience and should be adapted to our online experiences.  They have announced with great fanfare the linking of Facebook friends and Amazon markets.

We are happy to say again… We told you so!

Now let’s take the next step and join friends and family on Facebook in organized shopping and gift sharing activities.  Let’s have online parties and have an engaging experience, just like we do in our family rooms… Let’s share birthdays, holidays, weddings and all the other important life events with everyone in our networks.

We are leading the way with the PartyWeDo business model and have created the AlbinoPhant demonstration application to point us all to the future of online gift giving.

Thank you all for coming to the party!


The AlbinoPhant Creators
Your Party 2.0 Specialists

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