Christmas Traditions Like the White Elephant Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, October 8, 2012

Unique holiday traditions join white elephant gift exchange

The white elephant gift exchange is a Christmas tradition in North America, but there are several other unique ways to celebrate the holidays. Most unique traditions involve some type of group activity, along with some type of gift giving.

Christmas traditions like white elephant exchangesEverywhere that celebrates Christmas has its own way of doing it. These can often seem strange to outsiders, but what seems normal to you is probably very odd to a stranger!

Here are some Christmas traditions from around the world that might seem odd, but who knows, maybe you might want to give them a go this year yourself?

Rolling To Church

In the city of Caracas in Venezuela, they have a particularly unique way of celebrating Yuletide. During the Christmas period, the city’s streets are closed to general traffic, because the citizens of Caracas are making their way to church for early morning services. So why close the road? Because a vast number of Caracas’ populace attend by going on rollerskates! Yes, it’s quite a sight to see, watching the swathe of rollerskaters making their way to services first thing in the morning.

Santa Kurohsu

While only 1 percent of the population of Japan is Christian, the country still enjoys the Christmas period. There is an alternative sponge Christmas cake, with strawberries and whipped cream, and also their own version of Father Christmas. Santa Kurohsu is very much the same as Santa Claus, except that to he watches the behaviour of naughty children through the eyes in the back of his head.

The Christmas Pickle

The term ‘pickle’ is an Americanism for a small, pickled gherkin, which is a key part of German Christmas traditions. So how does this small member of the cucumber family hold such an important position during the festive season? Traditionally, the ‘pickle’ is placed within the Christmas tree, and the children in the house would have to find it. The winner would receive a special Christmas present as a prize. Today, real pickles aren’t used, but specially made Christmas tree decorations in the shape of a pickled gherkin are made.

Seasonal Spiders

Also believed to be a legend of Germanic origin comes the tale of the Christmas spider. The legend is now more connected to the Ukraine. It tells the tale of the spiders of a house, who escape to the most out of the way corners of the attic to avoid a big clean by the housewife who lived there. The house was all ready for a visit by the Christ child. Later that night, while wanting to see the tree in all its glory and the visiting Christ child, the spiders climbed down to witness the spectacle. They climbed throughout the tree to enjoy it, but they left webs everywhere. The child appeared and touched the webs, which instantly turned to gold. This is why we have tinsel.


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