Community Celebrations Make Holidays Special

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, November 9, 2012

Neighborhood spirit during the holidays

As we move through the fall, you can’t help but get excited for the various holidays that are fast approaching. After seeing numerous houses decorated, you can’t help but wonder what makes a holiday, any holiday, special. Do your neighbors and the neighborhood you live in enhance the season? Does anyone sponsor a community gift exchange or Secret Santa?Community excitement and gift exchanges

Does a Griswold Make a Season Shine?

We’ve all seen them, the holiday light aficionado, the one neighbor that goes over the top and their house looks like an imitation of the Vegas strip. It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween or Christmas.  This guy is the guy in the neighborhood that goes all-out and outshines the neighborhood, literally. Yes, it can be annoying and tacky, but deep down doesn’t bring a little smile, a little warmth to your heart.  You’re not the Grinch, but maybe at first it seems over the top and you can’t believe it, but you have to admit it brings up the conversation among other neighbors and it does enhance the season, a little. Maybe it’s nice to have “one” Griswold in the neighborhood.

Community Events

Do you live in a community that has events that bring in every season? If so, you know that these events can appear cheesy like a white elephant gift exchange, but in reality they’re loads of fun.  The kids costume parades, the coming together of families, long lines at bounce houses. It’s all good, it’s all part of the season. The bigger picture isn’t about the event itself, it’s that the community attempting to embrace each season and make them extra special for its members. The sense of knowing that you live in a community that has amenities and an organization that embraces any holiday spirit helps you get in the right mood for the holiday.

The big question is, if you live in a community where there’s excitement about holidays, does that excitement contagious and help you get into the season. If there area events to celebrate certain holidays, if there is Clark Griswold in your neighborhood do you get more excited about the season or not?

You can’t help but not, the excitement is contagious, whether it’s through conversations with other neighbors, or your kids telling you to look at the house or let’s go to the neighborhood event. You can’t help but smile and feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. Even the biggest Grinch would have a smile on his face. The answer to the question is yes, absolutely, a neighborhood, community and neighbors all help make a season better.


Bruce Zander is a lifestyle writer for The Meadows in Castle Rock, CO.

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