Did you see that Pink Elephant?

Posted by Princess Phant on Thursday, October 29, 2009
Yes, you did see one!

Yes, you did see one!

OK, put down the spiked punch and rejoin the white elephant gift exchange ideas for a minute…

What would happen if you hosted a Pink Elephant party this year?

Wouldn’t it be fun to send out the white elephant gift exchange invitations with a pink elephant as the artwork? You could call it the Pink Elephant white elephant party. Or the “Whink” Elephant party…

Seriously, this could be a great “girls’ night out party” Everything in pink… Decorations, the punch (less alcohol = less pink elephants), and all the gifts in pink.

I came across this website where all the gifts are pink. There are pink blenders, pink dog houses and even pink pepper spray (for warding off the charging pink elephants!)

If you are doing some sort of re-gifting, you could do a re-paint of the item in Fairytale pink.

This pink elephant is twisted!

This pink elephant is twisted!

You could use pink wrapping paper, pink ribbons and even a requirement that everyone wears something pink to the party.

If you want to include a charitable component, then have everyone bring a couple of dollars to donate to a breast cancer cause and give out pink ribbons to your guest.

Go ahead, there are no laws that say white elephant parties must be all white…

If you now have visions of pink elephants dancing in your head, then go with it and host a pink gift exchange this year.

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