Gift Savings from Social Media

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, October 8, 2009

We have a large family and we love to share gifts with each other. We use these gifts as a way to support various important milestones for both our immediate and our extended family and friends

The Family Gift Exchange

The Family Gift Exchange

This economic downturn has really put a crimp on this important and supportive activity, so we have had to find ways to cut back. We are using traditional cost reduction methods and then adding social networks, like Facebook into the mix to create savings.

The first cut that we made was travel. We are  just doing more by phone or on the internet. We ship gifts for the party rather than drive the distance to be at the wedding receptions, unless absolutely necessary.

The next cut was in total gift volume. We reduced the number of gifts we purchase by encouraging name draws or gift exchange parties.

This Christmas, we will be drawing names instead of asking for a wish list from everyone. We will join more Yankee Swaps and encourage White Elephant Gift Exchanges.


So what other ways can we reduce our gift spending and lower the expenses, without being unresponsive to those we love?

Well, we are using social media to solve some of these issues. Sites like Facebook, Skype and Amazon are going to take the place of air travel and driving to shop at the mall.

In fact, we believe this recession has caused much of the growth on these social networks. A recent review of Facebook growth suggested that Americans are using Facebook for inter-generational communication, more today than ever before.  Our family’s  use of these networks has contributed to connections among four generations on these social walls.

Because most of the gift giving in the US is associated with inter-generational connections, using these established social networks could facilitate gift sharing and therefore save us all money.

What is amazing to us is that there are not more companies finding ways to save people money on sharing gifts, using these internet tools. It could be another way for some of them to make money from their users, and give an additional reason for people to stay engaged on their site.

Saving money on gift giving will be the focus of our efforts this season. These are just a few of the ideas that we are trying. How are you saving money on gift giving this year? Are you joining a white elephant party, or doing a secret Santa? Are you using any internet tools or social networks to reduce costs?


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