Is stealing gifts considered violence?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Saturday, October 10, 2009

Violent Facebook applications seem to be a growing trend. You can now fight against terrorists and kill your friends like the guy in the movie; SAW.
Nick O’Neill reported and discussed this phenomenon in AllFacebook this week.

This got me thinking…

Thieft in public...

Theft in public…

Is stealing gifts from your friends an act of violence?  There are no bullets fired, no mutilation, blood or guts. But like murder and mayhem, theft is a crime. People go to jail for stealing, all the time… Right?

As we prepare to launch the online white elephant party on Facebook, these discussions are starting to worry us.  What with the FTC placing restrictions on people for secretly accepting T-shirts (see Louis Gray’s FTC Disclosure). We can only imagine how a party based upon stealing would be treated by the government.

The jails could fill as Yankee swappers are caught in the act of stealing a friend’s gift and then openly bragging about it. Consider the player of a Chinese Exchange party – Not only will the Justice department get involved for the theft, there might even be people from Immigration raiding these events.

Be warned that if you choose to invite your friends to a “Rob your Neighbor” or Dirty Santa party, you might as well just paint a bulls-eye on your back and then give the FBI and IRS your address!

We all work hard to get family and friends to join the gift exchange party, but now we could be sending them off to do some hard time, because they are active in the gift swap.
Are you now afraid to steal from your friends on Facebook?    We hope not…

FBI – Justice – Immigration and IRS Disclosure: AlbinoPhant is not responsible for any online white elephant participant’s use of the gift stealing features of the game.  All players are allowed the opportunity to opt-out of stealing at any time. Thief on the basis of friendship is 100% the responsibility of individual AlbinoPhant players.


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