Left Right Game with White Elephant Gifts

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White Elephant gifts that shift left and right

You may have played a gift sharing activity called the left right game with family or friends. Now learn the rules of the Lefty the White Elephant gift exchange.left right game with white elephant gifts

The host should choose someone to be the story teller and be given a printed version.

.(we have a PDF version Left Right Story HERE)

Explain to all the players that they will be participating in a unique white elephant gift exchange that involves both gift swapping and gift passing. Let them know that whenever they hear the words right, left or gift in the story, that something will happen in the game.

#1 Start the white elephant party as usual with all the gifts in the middle of the room and players sitting around the pile.

#2 Put the name of every player into a hat for a random drawing.

#3 Draw the name of the first player who picks a gift and opens to reveal to others.

#4 Return the name back into the hat for potential re-drawing.

#5 The story teller begins reading the right-left story of “Lefty the White Elephant”.

#6 When the first mention of Lefty is read, the first gift opened moves one person to the left.

#7 The story teller continues until the next mention of left or right.

#8 The gift moves one person to the left or the right.

#9 The story teller continues reading the story as the gift moves ether left or right on each mention of the word.

#10 When the story teller reads the word Gift , another name is drawn from the hat. (…on his Christmas shopping list. Lefty was looking for just the right white elephant gift.)

#11 The picked player has the option of stealing the opened gift or opening one of the unwrapped gift in the middle of the room. All gifts are openly displayed to every player.

#12 When a gift is stolen from a player, the player can then open a replacement gift or steal another opened gift from another player. NOTE: No direct steal-backs are allowed.

#13 The story teller continues with the story until left, right or gift is mentioned again. With the word gift the story stops.

#14 Another name is drawn from the hat (remember to put all names back into the hat for re-drawing purposes).

#15 The picked player can steal any opened gift or open a new one. The player who has the gift stolen can then open a new gift or steal another opened gift.

#16 The story continues with all opened gifts passing left or right depending upon the story line. Whenever the word gift is read, stop the story and draw a name for the gift stealing or opening exercise.

#17 If a name is drawn of a player who has an open gift, they must donate the gift to someone who is currently not holding an opened gift.

NOTE: The Lefty the White Elephant story has the word gift listed 16 times. Because the stealing and opening is completely random you may need to read the story a couple of times to get all the gifts opened, this is OK. If you open all the gifts before the end of the story, just keep reading and just do gift passing until the end of the story.

This wacky white elephant party game is just one more way to share in the gift-giving fun with family and friends.
AlbinoPhant, the online white elephant exchange wants you to find great ways to connect with those you love. If you have distant family or friends that you still want to enjoy a gift swap with, you might try our online version of the white elephant gift exchange.

You are going to love this party!

The Story of Lefty the White Elephant

Christmas was almost here, and Lefty, the White Elephant was finishing what was left on his Christmas shopping list. Lefty was looking for just the right white elephant gift.(stop to draw a name from the hat) Lefty’s father suggested that he should head right over to the mall to find a huge selection of gifts (stop to draw a name from the hat). As Lefty walked down the right concourse he found one of the gifts (stop to draw a name from the hat) he was looking for sitting right in from of the toy store entrance and it seemed like there was only one left. Right after Lefty entered the store he realized that he had left his wallet in the trunk. But as you know one of the greatest gifts (stop to draw a name from the hat) of being an elephant is that your trunk is right in front of your face.
Once Lefty had found his wallet he marched right up to the cashier and put his white elephant gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) on the counter right next to the cash register. To his amazement Lefty’s old circus trainer friend Suzie Wright was the cashier. Suzie had left the circus a few months earlier to take a job as the mall gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) wrapper. Even though the Wright family owned the circus, Suzie had felt that it was the right time to leave and take a job in the gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) industry. Working in the mall gave Miss Wright the opportunity to meet all the right people to help her advance her career. Lefty was impressed that she had found a cashier job soon after leaving the gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) wrapping position. Like the rest of the Wright family, Suzie was a gifted (stop to draw a name from the hat) individual and Lefty was so happy that he was now in the right place at the right time to meet Miss Wright once again. As Lefty gathered his gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) he shyly asked Suzie how many hours she had left on her shift. Miss Wright explained that she was off right after 2, but then needed to get one more gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) that was left on her white elephant gift exchange shopping list. Lefty mustered every bit of courage that he had left and asked Suzie if he could accompany her on her gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) shopping task right after work. Miss Wright smiled, said yes and handed Lefty her phone number on the back of an expired Home Depot gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) card she had left-over from a recent remodeling project at her condo that is located right next to Lefty’s favorite bistro.
After leaving the store Lefty could hardly wait to see Suzie, but he still had one more gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) left on his list. He knew that if he was to give Miss Wright the right amount of attention in her gift (stop and draw a name from the hat) shopping efforts he would need to pick the right time to finish his shopping and he only had a couple of hours left to finish.
Right before 2 pm Lefty came back to Miss Wright’s store for their gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) shopping date. Suzie and Lefty enjoyed what was left of the afternoon exploring the gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) shops of the mall to find the right gift (stop to draw a name from the hat) for the Wright family gift exchange.
To make a long story short, Lefty and Miss Wright fell in love, married and had several little leftys, making Grandpa Wright and Grandma Wright very proud.



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