Re-gifting after the White Elephant Party

Posted by Princess Phant on Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Re-gifting is good...

Re-gifting is good…

Ok, I am the first to admit that some of the gifts that are shared in a white elephant/Yankee Swap can be pretty useless…

A middle aged guy will never need a My Little Pony saddle collection. But, that is what he takes home after his 18 piece tool pouch was stolen by cousin John. (He’s not bitter!)

Gift sharing and stealing are what make the gift exchange party such a great social event. You never know how it all will turn out, so you could leave with a keepsake or you could just keep wishing until next year…

Some gifts are just begging to be re-gifted…

Jennifer, the ThriftyMommy blogger suggested a great idea for that stable collection sitting in a box in the garage… Have a re-gifting party after the holidays. She writes: “Plan your party for mid-January so everyone can relax a little after the holidays before attending yet another seasonal party” She then suggests that this gift exchange could be handled like a white elephant gift exchange or Yankee Swap, or even a open gift barter party.

We join in white elephant parties mainly for  socializing during the holidays, so the gifts are just a small part of the great experience.  So, why not bring out those unneeded gifts and do it all over again in a re-gift Yankee Swap?  This  and other re-gifting suggestions are included in a book on saving money called, Penny Saving Household Helper.

As a sponsor of online white elephant parties, AlbinoPhant  suggests that you should do the right thing and pass along an unneeded gift to someone who will find it useful.  We further suggest that you make the re-gifting event into a party as well… What is more social than a party?

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